Stichting tot Behoud van het Stoomschip

Foundation to Preserve the Steamship


This is the homepage of Stichting tot Behoud van het Stoomschip. The homepage is entirely dedicated to the activities of the foundation and her three steamships: Elfin, Jacob Langeberg and Scheelenkuhlen. The engine-order telegraph indicates slow ahead, and that is exactly our spirit. We do not wish too go to fast, there is no hurry, but fact is: slowly but surely we will reach our goal!


Ketelruim van de ELFIN tijdens vol bedrijfHistory of the foundation

The foundation was founded in 1995 with the goal to restore the three steamships, Elfin, Scheelenkuhlen and Jacob Langeberg and preserve them for future generations, . The foundation is a non-commerical institution and operates exclusively with vollunteers and sponsors. Ever since the founding lots of free time has been invested by a group of enthusiastic vollunteers, which had the direct result that ELFIN, which was ready for the scrap yard in 1995, already was able to make her second maiden voyage under full steam as early as 1998! The work is not finished yet by far and will continue until far in the future! At this moment the Jacob Langeberg is in the spotlights. This ship that has always been a source of anxiety from day one since the founding of the organisation, was in a deprived state, even the boiler was absent! However, thanks to several donations, a start was made in 1999 to place a new boiler in the heart of the ship and it is envisaged that this ship too, will sail again in the near future. Recently the preserved steam tug Scheelenkuhlen has joined the fleet.

Become a Sponsor?

You can become a sponsor and support our activities by transfering a minimum of 25.= euro per annum. Commercial organisations can join by transfering 75.= euros to Postbank giro 7622657 of Stichting tot Behoud van het Stoomschip, Vijfpootveld 22, 1541 PT Koog a/d Zaan. You will receive the news letter "Vol Vooruit" (in Dutch) 4 x a year .



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